It was the time of the year again when the conventional laundry stores took a day off as it was a public holiday.

Ended up with a huge basket of dirty towels, doing laundry was a nightmare until we come a across a small self-service coin laundry outlet nearby.

It was our first experience and it was fun dropping coins into the machines and seeing them working so hard even on public holiday.

And the outcome? In less than an hour time, with less than half of the money spent in conventional laundry stores, who goes by the weight or pieces, my laundry is done, fresh out from the dryer, it feels so warm and it smells so nice!

Then the idea came about, why not invest in a coin laundry business and help people save time, money & effort!

Viola! MyDobi is borned on 9th December 2015.

MyDobi Outlets