Why myDobi?

Be Different!

We are everyone's laundry!
When you say you are going to myDobi, you are going to your own.

myDobi offers not only the solution to your laundry needs, but an enjoyable, comfortable and clean environment for your laundry experience.

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Everyone's Laundry


Convenient Place


Save Money, Time & Effort

A modern
Retail Environment

Laundry doesn’t have to be boring and all blues. Laundry can be sexy, modernise & fun! We emphasize on our concept and design to make myDobi a different place to be, along with our consistent technological advancement and focus to our business and customers:-

  • First in Malaysia Smart Kiosk System with loyalty program (Direct activation)
  • Bi-Token Changer with e-wallet program (Direct activation)
  • 24/7 round the clock Customer Service Support careline
  • Periodical Preventative Service and Maintenance

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