About Us

myDobi 1st outlet was established in Dec 2015 with the means of finding a solution for a stable income to overcome the financial hurdle back then. myDobi is proven to be both a profitable business and exclusive for its' nice concept, design and clean environment. The licensing business model started when there were many enquiries to open myDobi as people perceived myDobi as a franchise global brand.

The Brand Name

Like giving a child her first name, co-founder Sheila wanted a name that is close to the heart.
One word, and easy to remember.

Initially myDobi logo carried a logo of a cartoon-like pair of pants and shirt, illustrated by co-founder, Hong.

Before using the logo as the official main sign,
both founder Hong and Sheila were asked a simple question of “What do you wish for myDobi to be?
You would have guessed it right. Both founders wanted myDobi to be in the global arena.

Therefore another logo is created as the official logo and has been used until now. The shirt from the original logo was maintained.

What We Do

Supply of Laundry Equipment

Supply of Laundry Liquid

Floor Area Design & Machines Layout

Preventative Service & Maintenance

Installation of Laundry Equipment

Market Expansion

Outlet Management

24/7 Customer Service Careline

One Stop Laundry Setup

Shipment Arrangement for Laundry Equipment

Technology Innovation & Invention

You will find us online

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