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In 2015, myDobi was the first laundry brand that developed its own self-service smart kiosk system with a loyalty program in Malaysia. In 2018, with an IT contractor, developed a Bi-Token Changer with e-wallet program.

While here comes to January 2021, myDobi official mobile application Hiro was successfully developed and uploaded in IOS and Android.

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Laundry Technology

myDobi Double Wash Technology with Speed Queen Agitation Stroke Wash Program means water is gently moved through clothes, reducing laundering wear and achieving excellent washability results. There are more turnover actions as compared to normal washing programs.

In addition to that the Superklene Detergent we use in our Double Wash perfectly emulsifies oil and dirt while the optical brightener makes clothes not looking dull, protecting your clothing.

At the same time our Supersoft Softener makes fragrance longer lasting with no yellowing. Not too strong, but the smell is nice enough to make you feel good and fresh the whole day long.

Last but not least, is the strong protection that we have for you and your loved ones. Our concentrated laundry sanitiser is used in hospitals and effective against covid-19 & other micro-organism.

Alliance Laundry System

— The Global Leader in Coin Laundry Equipment

There is a reason why we choose the state of the art laundry equipment in the world. It is to give the best to our customer.

With our periodical service & maintenance, We can guarantee the value of each machine to be as good as new!

Support & Maintenance Team

We take pride in consistently train & upgrade our skills to reach a level of industry standard & professionalism.
As laundry machines are the epitome of the business, to take care of them means safety, hygiene & optimal performance to our customer.

Financing Advice

You may consider the various financing options available to assist on your new venture into the smart laundry business. The laundry equipment can be leased and start-up can be financed. Do check on our recommended financial partners’ website or contact us for more details.

24/7 myDobi Customer Experience

Around the clock, wherever a customer need any assistance we are always here to support & assist.
Giving customer the assurance & attention whenever they may need it.