Clean & Care

Scheduled Cleaning

Our dedicated cleaners meticulously maintain our outlets with thorough cleaning twice a day. They ensure that our machines are in optimal condition, utilizing vacuum cleaners to remove accumulated dust in dryer lint. Cleaning extends to wiping the bodies and doors of washer and dryer machines, both inside and outside. 

Additionally, they sanitize handles, tables, and chairs, clean detergent compartments, and more. Our comprehensive cleaning routine guarantees a clean and hygienic environment for your laundry needs.

Periodical Servicing

Our dedicated technical team provides service and maintenance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis, ensuring round-the-clock coverage throughout the year. This proactive approach ensures a significant reduction in unexpected breakdowns, resulting in minimized downtime, extended machine lifespan, enhanced efficiency, and maximized customer satisfaction. 

Why the extra effort? Because our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority! We don’t just meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring our machines operate at peak conditions.


Detergent, Softener & Sanitizer
in every wash cycle

Our Power Clean Detergent we use in our outlets perfectly emulsifies oil and dirt while the optical brightener makes clothes not looking dull, protecting your clothing.

Our Supersoft Softener makes fragrance longer lasting with no yellowing. Not too strong but the smell is nice enough to make you feel good and fresh the whole day long.

Our Strong Protection Sanitizer that we have for you and your loved ones. Our concentrated laundry sanitizer is used in hospitals and effective against covid-19 & other micro-organism.


All the ingredients in our detergents, softeners and sanitizers are halal and fully certified by JAKIM.

Service & Maintenance Support

Dedicated Technical Service Manager Support

Our manager ensures seamless technical operations and optimal performance through personalized and committed service management.

Periodical Preventative Servicing

Quarterly, our technical team conducts Preventative Servicing—checking, cleaning, and fine-tuning for each machine.

Annually, we go a step further with Full Servicing, including expert drum removal for a thorough examination and cleaning at every outlet.

Weekly Site Checking (Local Area)

Our technical team conducts site visits for all outlets every week, thoroughly inspecting every aspect.

This service is currently available for local areas only.

Emergency Site Visit on Breakdown

Should any problems arise with our clients’ machines, our team can swiftly respond by visiting their outlets within 1-3 working days. Timelines may vary depending on the location.

Manage Part Warranty & Replacement

In the event of machine breakdowns, our team conducts a thorough analysis to identify the faulty part.

We then manage the warranty process for the identified part and proceed with a swift replacement, ensuring your machines are back in optimal working condition.