Investing in myDobi

To own a myDobi is to own a profitable business with a reputable brand. It is the best investment you could ever make!

Leading Laundry in Malaysia

To invest in myDobi also means you have a team of technicians, customer service support personnel,
IOT developers, graphic designers, marketing & management team at your disposal.

Everyday Life

Laundry is the essential in every day life.

35% ROI

ROI Percentage up to 35%


Cash Cow Business

24 Hours

Making money 24/7 even while you are sleeping

What We Do

Supply of Laundry Equipment

Supply of Laundry Liquid

Floor Area Design & Machines Layout

Preventative Service & Maintenance

Installation of Laundry Equipment

Market Expansion

Outlet Management

24/7 Customer Service

Laundry Setup Till Handover

Shipment Arrangement for Laundry Equipment

Why Investing in Laundry Business?

Everyone needs clean clothes and linen. Laundry is a basic necessity. And there are many underserved markets – even in mature economies.

Laundry is a recession-resistant business that historically produces steady returns. Required investment and potential returns are easily calculated.

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