Why Laundry Business?

It’s an ESSENTIAL business
that never goes out of date!

Man Power

Relieve yourself from HR stress
and convert high overhead expenses
into profitable investments.

Minimum Inventory

Forget about stock take, stock loss and having to guard your inventory! Time is precious nowadays!

Cash Business Model

24 hours, 7 days a week, the machines are working for you around the clock. Best of all, no debtors.

Why myDobi?

0% Rate Failure

Proven track of record of profitability.

Up To
35% ROI

This is a Business that consistently yields an impressive average return on investment (ROI) ranging from 20% to 35%.


Profit is yours. Problem is ours to settle for you. Let our system work for you.

Recession Resistant

myDobi proved itself during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Track Record

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888 +

Our Team Support

Our experienced team provides comprehensive support throughout your journey into the world of laundry businesses.
We’re here to guide you through challenges, finding effective solutions, and ensuring your success in the evolving laundry industry.
Partner with us and thrive with our dedicated support.

Careline Support

Our customer careline operates 24/7, offering unwavering assistance to customers whenever they require it.

We prioritize their needs, providing the assurance and attention they deserve at any time of the day or night.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical team provides service and maintenance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis, ensuring round-the-clock coverage throughout the year.

More Support

Operation Training

IT Support


Other Business Support



Financing Advice

You may consider the various financing options available to assist on your new venture into the smart laundry business.

The laundry equipment can be leased and start-up can be financed. Do check on our recommended financial partners’ website or contact us for more details.

World No. 1 Laundry Machine

Our commercial-grade machines are purpose-built for the demanding environment of the laundry business.

Through our regular scheduled service and maintenance, these machines have maintained peak performance since commissioning, ensuring reliable and efficient operations for our valued customers.

Cashless Payment & Loyalty Apps

Operator can view

• Sales Analysis
• Machines Usage Summary
• Hourly Sales Trend
• Remote Control Machine

Investors Success Stories

Why they choose myDobi as in investment?

More than 80 outlets and more to come


myDobi is a 24/7 self-service laundromat that uses state of the art USA brand machines as well as an intelligent & support system that provide both its investors and customers the ease of mind.

We do encourage investors to propose a few potential locations and we will do a market analysis base on demographic, targeted customers, accessibility & others to ensure the best location is selected for your business.

Minimum investment for equipment must be at least 6 sets of washers and dryers in order to cater the demand of our customers.

Yes, it is a requirement for safety and must follow strict construction & compliances in order to obtain the approval from local authorities through the application of various licenses.

Yes, it is compulsory to ensure quality assurance with halal certification and washing results satisfaction are met.

The warranty for laundry equipment parts is 24 months whereas other supplies is 12 months. However, certain parts like coin acceptor and dryers roller bearings are subject to wear & tear and warranty coverage for such items will be 6 months only.

Generally we are able to complete renovation and equipment setup within a month, but there are other factors that need consideration (if any). For example, the shipment delay, securing local permits, the utilities application and connection status & etc.

You can expect a minimum capex of RM550K in which 80% are invested into the laundry equipment as your long term asset.

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